LiveSell on Shopify - Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways to do this:

1. Install the LiveSell app from the Shopify App Store and register or sign in to LiveSell on the Account tab that appears once the app has been installed.
- or -
2. Register or sign in to LiveSell and click on the Live Selling link on the left hand side of the page. Then select the Manage Shopify Sales Channel tab, enter a nickname for your store and the Shopify store URL then click the Connect to Shopify button. You will be prompted to install the LiveSell app in Shopify if it's not already installed.
No. Currently, you can only connect your Shopify store to one LiveSell account at a time.
You will be able to filter your products by collection and individually via the Shopify app.

Users accessing your LiveSell meeting spaces using moderator links will be able to select which products from your filtered collections to display for sale to other broadcasters and audience members.
You, as the LiveSell account holder, will be able to set whether a historical list of products that have been shared to date in the room should also be available.
Yes. You can click the Disconnect button in the Shopify app or in LiveSell itself go to the Manage Shopify Sales Channel tab and click Disconnect at any time.
The LiveSell app for Shopify is completely free to install and use for 7 days. After that, the app costs USD 9/month and is billed directly to your Shopify account. It is also free to start using the LiveSell service. Only when your LiveSell usage generates more than 1000 minutes of billed video minutes per month will a monthly subscription with LiveSell be required. Please see here for pricing. Note: LiveSell does not charge a commission of any sort for products sold via the LiveSell platform.
No. Users will be directed to your existing Shopify checkout pages when purchasing products through the LiveSell events interface. The event itself will continue as a picture-in-picture overlay that you can drag around the screen.
No. We've made the Shopify app installation and connection to LiveSell process a breeze.

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